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Skateboarding Outreach
South Street (Near the Carnival)
Ware, Massachusetts

AntiGravity Skate has teamed up with Ware Community Church to bring you a FREE day of skateboarding pipes, ramps and rails in our new portable skate park.

Portable Skate Park in Ware, MA

By Matt DeLucia/CBS 3 Springfield
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Skate-boarding is probably one of the most affordable sports and, for many teens in the current generation, skate-boarding is the sport of choice. But to do it right, you need an equipment set-up including "half-pipes" and ramps, and unfortunately that is hard to come by.
" A lot of towns had gone away from putting stuff on because they're afraid of all the things that go with it," said Mark Sowersby, a pastor at the Ware Community Church, which hosted a skate event in the town Saturday.
Anti-Gravity Skate is a Connecticut-based company that brings a full-feature skate park on a truck to areas without a designated park. The family team drives around New England hosting these events for free. That's right. No charge. But it is definitely something the skaters and bikers in Ware said they would pay top dollar for.
" I wish they could come here more often. They could charge admission or something like that," said Kevin Allard, a BMX biker from Ware.
Ware has not had a skate park in over a year, so in that time, the teens have had to find another way to do their skating and biking, sometimes illegally. But now that a skate park on wheels has come into town, they have a fun place to be, and it is legal as well.
" We had a skate park about a year ago. They took it down because people were vandalizing it and it just went to another skate park. And so for this to come here, especially with a lot of skaters and bikers, it's pretty sweet," Allard said.
And best of all, even though the portable park was only in town for one day, the teens had a chance to perfect their skills on the boards and the bikes, and they were able to stay out of trouble.
" It's good because we don't get busted by the cops. Wherever we go around the street, the cops will always get us," said Allard in regards to skateboarding in neighborhood areas.

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